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Search and Filter Feature for Apps, Flows and Displays
Search and Filter Feature for Apps, Flows and Displays

Easily find the App, Flow or Display you want to operate.

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The search and filter function works the same way for Apps, Flows and Displays.

In this article we will explain you the details using the Apps as an example.

1. Go to Apps > My Apps

Switch from Your apps to Apps you can edit on top of the page.

2. Search for the App you want to operate

Now you have different options how you can search for the App:

a. Type in the name, app, source, owner...


b. Search for the App using the filter function by clicking on the eye on the right.

The filter function will open and you can search for the App choosing the source

(see example in the screenshot), owner or App type.

3. Scroll a little bit down and you will easily find the app you are looking for.

! Keep in mind:

If you want to use the filter function and see also the Apps, Flows and Displays you haven't created by yourself before, the company's Super Admin must first adjust the permission in the organization settings to "Can see and edit contents of the whole company" in the respective organization box.

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