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MS Teams with Digital Signage - Tips & Best practices
MS Teams with Digital Signage - Tips & Best practices
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Follow these four best practices to succeed with Teams on Digital Signage.

1 Pick the right Channel to follow

Follow a channel that you use for regular announcements. It might not be a good idea to follow a channel for the team wide daily dialogue.

Another option is to create a separate channel in Teams for company or team specific updates and post relevant content in this channel.

2 Use Headings in your posts

We encourage you to change the style for your Title row when crafting the message in Teams, keeping digital displays in mind as well.

Change the style from Paragraph to Heading 2 or Heading 3
We have tested all Heading options and these are the ones that work well on digital displays as they are well visible, but do not take too much space on the screens.

3 Add media files as attachments

Valotalive Teams integrations supports media files, when the file is included in the post as attachments. You may use images (.jpeg .jpg .gif .png) and video files (.mp4). Valotalive will play the video in its full length on screens when there is one in the post.

4 Consider using a call to action

Guide your audience to take action based on your messages by adding a call to action in your post. It is also possible to include a generic call to action in the settings of the Valotalive Teams app . This will be visible in all Teams posts on Digital Signage.

Example of a post turned into a setup on a display

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