Scheduling contents repeatedly in daily or weekly basis

Some contents, such as lunch menu, needs to be shown repeatedly for a short period of time and then put to sleep. And repeated the next day.

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Flow is an automated playlist. Important content can be emphasized, shown more frequently, by adjusting the content Apps weight in a Flow.

There are different ways to adjust Apps visibility in a Flow:

  • Weights to emphasize single App or a Flow, giving it more screen time

  • Scheduling based on daily /weekly repeating needs to show a specific content, such as Lunch menu

  • Periodic visibility based on calendar days is most commonly used for campaigns or e.g. with interim reports.

Login to as first steps to manage visibility in a Flow.

  1. Go to FLOWS

  2. Find the Flow you need to adjust

    1. Scroll down to locate or

    2. Use Search tool

  3. Open the flow for editing by double-clicking the white area and start to operate the contents in a Flow

Scheduling contents on a Flow

Scheduling is a great way for promoting some content at specific times e.g. during a week. This is especially important if the Displays are filled with important information and there is a fear that some contents are not seen.

In the example below the settings are based on a Lunch menu use case:
Content, Lunch menu, is to be seen only before and during lunch time.

  1. Modify the weight to be as it should be most of the time.
    In the Lunch menu example “Content is off” is the pre-defined setting for most times

  2. Click the ADD SCHEDULE

    1. Add Weekdays by clicking on the white area.
      Choose which days you want the content to be seen.

    2. Add the hours by typing, and click the orange area to choose the hours

    3. Modify the Weight

    4. Repeat if needed

      Complete with OK

Save your changes from the top right corner:

NOTE! After saving the Flow is showing settings on a local time.

To see the change use the TEST CLOCK on the top right corner:

TEST CLOCK tool looks like this:

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