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Tableau Public - Show Dashboards from Tableau Public on Digital Signage Displays
Tableau Public - Show Dashboards from Tableau Public on Digital Signage Displays

Live Tableau Public visualizations on Digital Signage

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Tableau Public is Tableau’s free software that can allow anyone to connect to a spreadsheet or file and create interactive data visualizations for the web.

App main features

✔ Display live dashboard visualizations from Tableau Public cloud

✔ Built-in integration in place

✔ Choose and configure your Tableau dashboard app

✔ Display as a single app or include into a content flow

Where to find and how to configure your Tableau Public:

In Tableau Public navigate to the author profile where you would like to display your dashboard on digital signage. In this example we are on Eric Balash’s profile page:

  1. Next In Tableau click to choose the visualization that you’d like to use

  2. Copy the name of the visualization - everything after vizhome/

    In this case "DCTUGWorkoutWednesdayTopNSingleWorksheet/Final"

    Save the name you see and continue the activation in Valotalive.
    Paste this name into the name of the visualization field. See below the step d. Name of the visualization and more detailed information.

Tableau Public - Activate and use

Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed. More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. URL to the server
    The URL from which the Tableau server can be found

  2. Name of the visualization
    Paste the name you previously saved into the name of the visualization field as shown below. In this app the name from the previous example is used:


    1. Time to show the visualization
      The preferred time in seconds to show the visualization

    Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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