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Organization groups and user permission levels
Organization groups and user permission levels

Manage Admin users permissions with Organization groups

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In the Organization tab the company Super admin, Organization Administrator, can create Admin groups with different levels of privileges and permissions.

Create Organization groups and add group specific permissions

The first step for granting a group of users needed privileges starts by adding a user group.

  1. Go to My Company | Organization tab ADD A GROUP

  2. Add permissions for the group from the gear wheel

    Permissions are added from ADD A PRIVILEGE.

    Super Admin, Organization Administrator, can set privileges to be inherited from groups above or applied only to one group at the time.

    Available rules are:

    1. Can order new players

    2. Can invite new users

    3. Can see and edit company matrix (ie display groups)

    4. Can see and edit contents of peers and subordinates

    5. Can see and edit contents of the whole company

    6. Can see and edit contents of the group and subordinates

    7. Can see and edit contents of the group and use the contents of the parent group

All permissions can be applied to one group only. Or you can set the permissions rule to be Inheritable, meaning if selected then the groups' children will inherit the rule.

3. Collapsible organization boxes - You can show or hide boxes for a better overview

To hide a group, click the minus sign. The group will be hidden. To show a hidden group, click the plus sign.

Grant Admin users rights to manage Valotalive services

All users in a User group have privileges given to that group. Privileges can be assigned to a single group or inherited from a user group above.

The number (a.) next to the people symbol tells the number of Admin users in that group.

How to grant privileges to an Admin user:

  • Super Admin, Organizational Administrator, moves (drag & drop, b.) users from Unassigned box to the correct Users box.

  • To remove rights, drag & drop the user account to Unassigned box.

    Users in the Unassigned personnel can only operate the Apps, Flows and Apps they have in their name.

Invite Admin Users

Super Admin can also invite people to join as Admin members. With "invite all" Admin privileges are automatically granted.

You can find the Invite tool under My Company > Invite users

  1. Add the email address of new the new Admin user and

  2. Add the user to the correct organization group

Example of an invitation to service

All invitees will receive an email from with title [Valotalive] Invitation.

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