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How to Reboot the Valotalive Media Player
How to Reboot the Valotalive Media Player

If the network connection for your Valotalive Display has been lost, you can use these instructions to try to restore the connection.

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The media player can lose the network connection, in which case re-establishing the connection requires measures. The lack of connection can be seen if the screen contents are not updated or the orange Valotalive icon is displayed on the screen.

These instructions work when you use the Valotalive Managed media player solution or a similar external media player (see image below)

You can verify the status from Valotalive in the DISPLAYS tab:
All green displays are online, all red Displays are offline, not connected to the network nor to Valotalive service.

How to Reboot the Valotalive Managed Media Player

  1. Locate the Media Player

    Chrome box = A black box attached to the Display with HDMI cable. It is placed near the screen, max couple of meters away from it.

    Chrome box - Valotalive Managed Media player

  2. Press down the power button and wait for 15-30 seconds

  3. Press down the power button again.

  4. Wait for couple of minutes more. Your messages should start to flow to the screen.

In case your screen is showing Waiting for content or orange bubble symbol please check that you have assigned content Flows to the screen.

If everything seems to be in order or your screen is showing PIN here, please contact Valotalive Support for further instructions.

This article might be helpful also, if the chosen network is WiFi:
Connect to WiFi with the Valotalive Media Player

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