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Filter views on the Power BI App
Filter views on the Power BI App

You can target your reports easier and better than before as Valotalive is compliant with Microsoft Power BI Basic and Advanced filtering.

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Intro to Power BI Filters

Filters remove all the data from the report, except the one that you would like to focus on and show on your report.

You can apply filters (page, visual, report, drill-through) in the Filter pane on the right. Applying any of the filters have direct effect on your report.

Power BI Filters in Valotalive Digital Signage

Valotalive Workplace Digital Signage is compliant with Microsoft with the Filters in Power BI. This means that you can apply the same filters in Valotalive Power BI Digital Signage app as you would in your report in Power BI Online or Desktop.

Power BI Filters on Digital Signage – An example

In this example there is a company wide sales report that needs to be displayed around the sales offices to engage and motivate your teams. You want to target the right view for the right audience. The video below shows the different views of our example report as seen on Digital Signage Displays:

Further information on the example can be found from the Valotalive blog post: How to Use Filters in Power BI on Digital Signage to Target Your Reports Better

Use Filters in Valotalive Power BI Digital Signage App


  1. Valotalive app activated and authenticated

  2. Filter views configured in Microsoft Power BI

First we need to check the Table and Column names as well as the Values for filtering in Power BI cloud:

A. Power BI Report's Table and Column names

In the example report we have stores in North Carolina, US and we’d like our Display to show the live report only for North Carolina.

Go to the Power BI report in Microsoft Power BI cloud to pick the values for filtering:

Hover your mouse over the field name (column) in your Power BI report and locate the name of your table, as shown in this image:

In this case the Table is Store and the Column is Territory.

Power BI Report with filters

B. Choose filtering values

In the example we wanted the Display to show the stores in North Carolina only. In this report the value itself would be NC (see image):

Power BI Report

Next step is to login on to the Valotalive and search the Apps for configuration:

1. Modify the Power BI Report app settings

Go to Apps, choose the correct Valotalive Power BI report and go to the CONFIGURATION tab on the left.

Check that you have chosen the correct report. In the example the report data is from Retail Analysis SAMPLE PBIX Report from the drop-down menu (accessed through "pen")

Digital Signage app settings choose Power BI report

2. Add filter in Valotalive and input your values

Search for SHOW ADVANCED button on bottom of the App's settings

Input the correct values in to the field Filter to use

To create this specific filter in this case:

  1. Table is Store

  2. Column is Territory

  3. The value is NC

    Note that all text, Filter values, are case sensitive

    Once you are done and hit OK the filter should look as seen below.

    You can apply multiple filters up to maximum amount of six.
    It is easy to remove the filter clicking the red minus ( – ) icon on the right.

Save your settings from the top right corner

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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