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Admin roles and user permissions
Admin roles and user permissions

Manage user rights flexibly with separate UI for local content managers and network admin users.

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There are two different types of users in Valotalive: Admin users and Content Managers

Admin users manage company information, user groups, or user-specific access rights in the Admin panel.

Organization Administrator, "Super Admin" is the service owner.

  • This role is assigned to one (1) user account.

  • Super Admin can invite new Admin users to the service

  • Super Admin manage user groups and grants the Admin user privileges

Admin user(s):

  • Admin users manage different groups of the display fleet based on e.g. their location or the business unit they work on.

  • Admin users can

    • assign publication rights to the Content Managers

    • administrate (content) Apps, Flows and Displays within their role and in their user group based on the privileges assigned to them by the Super Admin

  • Admin user can also have role as a Content manager

Content Managers

Content managers upload messages, videos and manage contents on a display or display group level with a separate UI, My Content Channel App (

  • A Content manager operates one (1) or many My Content Channels publishing information to the one (1) or many displays, informing people.

  • In some cases Content Manager uses only the My Content channel and does not need any administrative rights to Valotalive.

  • Content manager can have Admin privileges as well.

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