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Company and user management
Company settings - Invoices, Organization, User Management etc.
Company settings - Invoices, Organization, User Management etc.

Manage Admin users permissions and access in Valotalive with organisation management and keep your workspace secure and compliant.

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Super Admin can create user groups with reusable permissions and assign them to your team members in Valotalive workspace. This makes it easy for you to update permissions for a large group of people all at once.


Set up the company basic information at the My company | Company page:

My Company - Company settings page


In the Company page Super Admin can see /manage i.e.

  • Company name

  • VAT number

    Value Added Tax, numbers to indicate company's VAT liability within EU. See instructions further down.

  • Access control, e.g. Single sign-on applied /not applied.

    Add-on service, please ask further details from Valotalive.

  • Company's domain

    This setting assigns all new users to the same company for easier management. To change the default domain please contact Valotalive Support

  • Admin user
    Ie. Super Admin is the service owner with full access to all parts of the service setup. To change this role to new person please contact Valotalive support

  • Invoice contact users
    Use this setting to separate costs from different business units to separate invoices. Further instructions: Separate costs

Your VAT information

All Valotalive services with European Union (EU) business addresses are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). Here's a few things you'll need to know, but reach out to your local tax authority for more information:

  • VAT is charged from customers who operate in Finland.

  • VAT won't be charged from companies operating in other European countries, but you're still be responsible for self-assessing and paying VAT at your EU Member State's local rate.


Default payment method is credit card. Invoice settings are covered in the article Invoice settings and payment methods.


Under My Account | Invoices gather all expenses already invoiced. Expenses are based on the ownership of the display but can be directed to a single user, creating an aggregation invoice. An Admin user can see only the invoices that they are responsible for.


In My Company | Organization the Super admin can create Admin groups with different levels of privileges and permissions. Manage and assign privileges to Admin users and user groups. Read more from the article Admin user permissions.


My Company | Company’s users page are all company's Admin users listed.

Manage the company’s Admin users and lock accounts if needed:

  • To lock an account click the red LOCK symbol.

  • Unlock an user account from grey UNLOCK symbol.

Note! This operation does not reach the Content managers using My Content Channels. Those credentials are operated in the Apps page, in the My Content Channel Apps. Further read: My Content Channel - Add or remove Content managers


You can invite new Admin users directly to the correct Admin user group. This grants them access to the correct entity with a single step. Test to Invite users

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