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A Display is red in Valotalive
A Display is red in Valotalive

A disturbed network connection could be one reason for no content being visible on the Display, the Display in Valotalive turns red.

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The Display is offline

If you can see from the Displays tab that the symbol next to the Display's name is red and the last fetched content is not the latest, the Display might have problems connecting to the internet and Valotalive cloud, and therefore it is unable to show contents.

1. Reboot the Media Player

If the Display is offline, try first to reboot the Media Player.

2. Check the network

After rebooting, double check if there is access to the internet from the network where the Display (Media Player) is connected. You can check this by logging into the same WiFi with your laptop and using the web browser. Alternatively, if the Media Player is using cable connection, plug in the cable to your laptop, turn the laptop’s WiFi off and use the web browser.

If the steps above do not help, please contact Valotalive for further support.

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