Stock Beat App - Activate and use

Display live feed of stock prices provided by Yahoo Finance.

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There are several view settings to choose from in an easy drop down menu: current trading day, week, month, year or year to date. Mix your stock information data with daily communications or keep it front and visible throughout the day.

Watch the video to see how to activate the App:

Stock Beat App - Activate and use

Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed. More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Stock or index to follow

    Use Yahoo Finance stock symbols to locate and choose your stock in-app settings. Example Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaft can be found as BMW.DE

  2. Period to show
    Choose the period you wish to follow from the drop down menu (current trading day, week, month, year or year to date)


    1. Color for positive indicator
      Green is the preset.

    2. Color for negative indicator

      Red is the preset.

    3. Seconds per cycle

      How long this app should be visible on the screen on each cycle.

    4. Hide daily minimum and maximum graphs from multiday graphs
      Preset is No

  4. Finalize with SAVE

    Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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