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YouTube Playlist App - easier video management on digital displays
YouTube Playlist App - easier video management on digital displays

Automate playlists from your YouTube channel to your digital displays

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You can pull YouTube Playlists to the digital display with Valotalive using the YouTube Playlist App. This app is designed to play all videos from the particular YouTube Playlist it has been paired with.


We have identified the contents might get stuck if there are too many videos on the playlist at one time. This is preventable by limiting the number of videos playing.

To keep the displays fresh and updating Valotalive recommends to

  • limit the videos on the playlist to max three (3)

  • not adding more than one YouTube Playlist on a display at any time

Contact Valotalive Support team if you want to use the Valotalive YouTube Playlist app. We will grant access to the application by request.

After granting the access activate the content App from Valotalive Dashboard by clicking the App's icon. More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Add the YouTube playlist ID

    Locate the ID from the web browsers link: Copy-Paste starting from the ...list= BUT excluding it. I.e.take the circled part from the playlist

  2. Set The minimum amount of videos to show per cycle

    Best practice
    It is usually good to show another type of content between videos. Valotalive recommends that this value is set between 1-3.

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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