If you open the app settings and see a red x behind SOURCE IS PUSHING DATA and you see that the LATEST CONTENT is old, there are a couple of steps to take for further investigation.

1. Check if the content is assigned to any Display

NOTE! If an App is assigned to a Multiview App (split screen tool) it may show Unassigned.

2. Check if the Display to which you have assigned the content is online

Please check from the Displays tab if the symbol next to the Displays name is green (online) or red (offline).

3a. Check if the App needs to be reauthorized

Some Apps need an authentication before showing the content. Check if you have to reauthorize. Go to My account Service Integrations to reauthorize the integration between Valotalive and your content source. All access tokens expire after a while, and this is the most common reason for content failure with integrated contents. Do not use REVOKE unless you need to delete all Apps linked with a specific authorized account.

3b. Change a value in the Apps's configuration

If the reauthorization does not help, then try to change a value in the App’s configuration, save (and change back to original, if needed, and save) - does it help?

4. If none of the steps help, contact Valotalive for further support.

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