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Countdown days - Activate and use

Count down to all kinds of special events or milestones.

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Valotalive Countdown Days is an easy to use timer. This app works as a reminder of your important events or dates. Countdown Days can be used on full screen or part in Multi-View.

Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed.

More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Date of the event

  2. Title of the event


    1. Time to show

  4. Save your changes

  5. Rename the App

    Rename the app by clicking the name on top of the page.

    The best practice is to name the App to match the name of the event you are counting down to.

Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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