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MS Yammer posts shared on your displays using the Valotalive Yammer App
MS Yammer posts shared on your displays using the Valotalive Yammer App
Yammer app helps you connect with people across your organisation to make better decisions, faster.
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Connect Social media to digital displays with Valotalive Yammer App.

Valotalive Yammer App main features

✔ Display live Yammer streams on digital signage

✔ Secure Microsoft Azure AD Authentication

✔ Support for text, images, GIFs and videos

✔ Choose a specific group to follow

✔ Select message types to follow

Valotalive integrates with Microsoft Yammer helping you to drive engagement by displaying your company's Yammer Announcements, praises and comments throughout the office.

You can choose from two different apps to best suit your company's needs:

✔ Basic Yammer, to follow a discussion in a channel.

✔ Yammer Images only for displaying post images only

Yammer app - Activate and use

Easiest way for activating a content App is from Valotalive Dashboard. Just click the icon of the content you wish to activate and proceed. More detailed info of the first steps can be found here:

Settings on the Apps' Configuration tab

  1. Authorize with OAuth2

    This authorisation gives Valotalive the permission to view and read Announcements, Praises and Comments from a specific Yammer Group and present them on the Valotalive Digital displays.

    If you run into problems about needing admin approval please check this article:

  2. Yammer Group

    Select which Yammer Group you want to follow.

  3. Message types to follow

    Select the type of messages you wish to publish to digital screens.


    1. Number of latest posts to follow
      How many of the latest posts should be shown. Large number tend to hide the latest posts.

    2. Seconds per article
      How many seconds each page should be visible.

    3. Pages to show
      How many pages of newest posts are on the show cycle. Every page has 2 posts.

    4. Posts to show per page

      How many posts to show per page. Choose to show 1 or 2 posts per page

    5. Should text use HTML formatting from posts
      Choose Yes or No

    6. Transition animation for the posts
      Choose from None, Bounce or Fade

    Complete the work by adding the app to a flow or directly to a display.

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